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Item A: Essex Sunset (framed)  24 in. w. 10 in. h. SOLD.
Item C: October, 18 in. w. by 24 in. h. , SOLD.
Item B: Essex afternoon, 24 in. w.  10 in. h., Price: (framed) $650.

Item D: South Bristol Moment, 16 in. w. x 10 in. h, Price:
Item E: High Tide at Turbats Creek, SOLD.
Item G: Birthday Vaughans Island, oil on canvas, 22 in. w. by 14 in. h., SOLD.
Item I: Toward the Damariscotta River - Oil on Canvas 13 in. h. x 20 in. w. Price: SOLD.
Item K: Vaughans Island (Kennebunkport Maine) - Oil on Canvas 10 in.h. x  24 in. w. SOLD.
Item M: Essex Panorama - Oil on Canvas 13 in. h. x 41 in. w. Price: $1,500.
Item O: Gamage Boatyard Panorama, South Bristol, Maine - Oil on Canvas 14 in. h. x 36 in. w. Price: $1,100.
Item Q: Damariscotta River at Low Tide - Oil on Canvas 14 in. h. x 36 in. w. Price: $950.
Item R: cottage,  oil on canvas, 12 in. h. by 22 in. w., SOLD.

Item T: Vanishing Tide, oil on canvas, 18 in. h. by 22 in. w., SOLD.
Item F: Magic Hour,  oil on canvas, 9in. w. by 12in. h, Price: $500.
Item H: Lighthouse from Turbats Creek,  Price: SOLD.
Item J: From The Porch - Oil on Canvas  12 in. h. x  22 in. w. SOLD
Item L: Herring Cove - Oil on Canvas  14 in. h. x  32 in. w.  SOLD.
Item N: Vineyard Inlet at Seven Gates - Oil on Canvas 10 in.  h. x 20 in. w. SOLD.
Item P: South Bristol Panorama - Oil on Canvas 14 in. h. by 32 in. w. SOLD.
Item S: incoming tide, oil on canvas, 30 in. w. by 40in. h., SOLD.

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water close-up  |   still life  |  landscapes and seascapes  |  surrealism  |  abstracts

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