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Artist's statement

June 2003, I turned sixty. Not an age I dreaded, nothing traumatic. Until I entered the Mount Auburn Hospital for a routine mammogram. For the first time ever I heard myself say "Well, Judith, this is the place where you will probably die."

The test results were fine: nothing wrong, everything normal. However, the acknowledgment that my life was two thirds lived, and I was living on that one-third edge, stirred me. The paintings in the series are about aging: the feelings encountered while living my life when others are still living the first two-thirds of theirs.
  1. "Invisible" is the reality of feeling faded and unseen.
  2. "Beauty in gray," the newly arrived weather with which the eye acknowledges and appreciates.
  3. "Ripened Irises" (see below).
  4. "Old Houses Need Paint" the issue of fading looks and high maintenance.
  5. "Letting Go" is about resting into it, as in wearing comfortable shoes.
  6. "Pour me The Ocean " about the glass one-third full.
  7. "Packed" the issue of leaving, being dependent, the terror of becoming the Bag Lady.
In winter I work in my studio from my mind's eye or still life. The annual transition from studio to outdoors is launched with a painting of the terracotta-toned Dutch Irises I grow in my garden, Ripened Irises.


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